Getting a New Engineering Job Could be a Quick Way to Land More Money

By Adam Muir


"Relocating for a New Job?" by LifeTreeLLC  is licensed under CC PDM 1.0 


There are a lot of good ways to start making more money.  This blog will specifically address getting a new engineering job to start making more money.  Continue to check out our blog for more money making idea all of September 2019.


Be mindful of how your resume will look if you take new jobs routinely.  If you’re looking for stability, it might be a good idea to stick it out at a place you are unhappy with and gain some knowledge or other skills even though you don’t intend to be there long term.  If you work short term contract positions on a regular basis, most employers will you see you as a contractor and expect that out of you. There is still a need for those people too, who can come in and hit the ground running right away and get projects in/out the door or back on schedule.  Either way, your skill set can be valued. 


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One thing to consider is your level of experience and the amount of time you have in a particular job area. Let me use a Software Engineer as an example. Larry is a software engineer who loves coding desktop applications in C++.  He has been working in one position since college- for about eight months now- when he hears about a new opportunity working backend data for a website. Larry makes a job move (with a big pay raise) to the website, but he needs to realize that the longer he does the backend web job the harder it will be to get back into doing the C++ work he cared about.  


If you have read my blogs you understand what engineering contract work is. Open yourself up to the possibilities of contract work. Go a step further and ponder relocation.  Open the door to these opportunities and potentially do some crazy things; take care of debt, buy a house, pay for schooling, take that vacation- the list is endless!