How to Find Work Fast and Make Good Money When You Are an Engineer

By Adam Muir


"Egzon" by Photographe Autodidacte is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Are you an Engineer that has recently found yourself out of work? Have you been out of work for some time now, just waiting for that perfect job to appear? You still have bills to pay and need to provide for your family, right? Have you ever considered working a contract or contract to hire position? Let’s look at some of the benefits of working a job that starts out as a contract.


The interview and onboarding process for contract positions typically moves much quicker


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Most employers, depending on how urgent the need is, will review your resume, conduct an interview and make an offer to you anywhere from one day to two weeks after you apply to the position.  Phone and video interviews are usually conducted if you are not local to the job site location, saving you time and money to travel for a job you may or may not land. Contract positions also typically have a higher hourly pay rate than salaried positions. Don’t think you can afford to maintain your current home/apartment and maintain temporary housing? Per diem is often allowed if you qualify for it, while maintaining IRS regulations.

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Getting to work quickly shortens gaps of employment in your resume.


Let’s face it- you are much more employable when you are working than when you are not working.  Furthermore, your skills are put to good use very quickly—most companies look for contractors who have a specialized skill set to come in and be productive immediately.  Last but not least, there is no penalty for accepting a direct/permanent hire position while working on contract, though a two-week notice is still the professional standard. 


The Recruiting Team at E91 can help you with your resume, prepare you for the interview and help you land a job, whether it’s to propel you into the next step of your career or fill in the gap in your unemployment. 


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