If You are an Engineer and You Want to Make More Money, try Asking for More Hours.

By Adam Muir


If you are lucky enough to already have an engineering job and you want to make more money, try asking for more hours.  It is so simple that it is often overlooked! I get it if you work enough already, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested in asking for more hours.  


If you want to find a job that pays more or will give you overtime hours speak with an E91 recruiter today. 


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If the company is behind and slammed you have a better chance of getting additional hours.  I wrote a blog talking about asking for a raise and I think a lot of the same things apply here.  You can’t ask for more hours without also being ready to hear no. Be prepared and let them know what you think you can accomplish if you had more hours.  


Be able to identify a company’s pain points and if applicable, offer to work additional hours each week in an effort to alleviate those pain points.  I hope it is understood that I do not approve of sandbagging to get more hours. You should always be busting your butt to accomplish everything you can.