Network with People Doing What You Want to Do

By Adam Muir


Networking is a great way to make more money.  The immediate benefits can be found in sharing your skill set (which can be a good refresher) and being able to mentor someone. Long term benefits can result in making additional professional contacts, which could potentially benefit you by being the answer your prayers! It is possible that that contact could have a connection to your dream job, or maybe help in pulling you out of some tough times in your life.  It’s pretty amazing the good things we can find when we look for them.  


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"Business Mixer-4299" by University of the Fraser Valley is licensed under CC BY 2.0 


Sometimes people tend to overlook networking as building relationships takes time. You don’t build relationships over minutes or hours, its months and years.  Talking to people face to face always offers a more authentic experience, but if you can’t use LinkedIn or FaceBook Groups.  Talk to people who are actually doing what you want to be doing...  If you want to be a Software Engineer and you network with Accountants it would be pointless.  


"Woman playing on her phone at work" by Rawpixel Ltd is licensed under CC BY 2.0 


Start networking early and often -practice it consistently.  Remember that Networking Connections will go away if you don’t nurture them.   What happens to something when you just keep taking from it and replace nothing? It dies!  It works the same way with relationships; if in a relationship you aren’t practicing the art of give and take, that connection will shrivel up.  “Trying” can mean a lot of things -you won’t always have the perfect information to share with someone, but you can always be interested in their situation.  


If you are having trouble connecting with someone put yourself in their shoes.  People like talking about their situations because they know it well. They have a vested interest in talking about it and thinking about it.  Really consider what they feel like and say things that confirm that you have listened and understood. Do this enough and someone that is worth speaking to will be open to questions from you out of courtesy, and thus your networking relationship can begin!    


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.