So you found a job but you are still getting calls like crazy? Do these things.  

ByAdam Muir


"Frustrated" by Allan Rotgers is licensed under CC BY 2.0 


If you find you are still getting calls even though you are already employed, you need to remove your resumes from job boards.  If your goal to passively network, remember you can delete you phone number and only provide your email address. One option to consider is to use a google number that links to your cell phone.  This option is beneficial because it allows you to deactive your number once you are finished with your job search.  Keep in mind that  Recruiting companies will bank your information so they can search their own database;  even if you remove your resume they still have your information.


Another approach is to avoid updating your resume. When you log on to a job board and update your resume, people tend to assume you are actively looking for employment. You find yourself on the receiving end of repeated contacts if you have skills that are in demand.  


If your resume is posted to a job board or website, you may have to work with Customer Service to have your resume completely removed from that site.  If you are still receiving calls after this, ask the recruiters that contact you where they found your resume so you know where your information is.


Hopefully you worked with an E91 Recruiter, that way you wouldn’t be worrying about it.