Some Tips for Presenting Yourself When Looking for Engineering Work

By Adam Muir

"Santino Rice : he had a Job interview the following monday ...." by Arno roca' s eyes is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


Your online profile is making a first impression on the internet at all times; it is just like in real life.  The same can be said about your resume- this is how you are presenting yourself to your potential employer. The way your resume looks, including formatting, spelling and grammar, as well as the information you share can be the difference between why you are working or not working.   


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Spend the time necessary to clean up your resume- even if it takes hours.  Remember that less is more. Only include information that is relevant to the position for which you are applying, and avoid writing your resume in the third person.  The goal is to have a complete resume in one to two pages.    


The ideal format of your resume would have a summary of your skills bank towards the top, followed by the jobs you’ve had with a list of your experience under each job. Remember to highlight your skills under your job experiences- you are trying to sell yourself!  You want to avoid having your resume overlooked by recruiters because they cannot decipher your resume or easily locate your skills and job experiences.   


Try not and be upset if a recruiter does not have all of the necessary information about the skills that are required for a specific job.  View the relationship between you and the recruiter as a partnership- information is a two way street! At the very least you’ll get a chance to talk about your job skills and practice your networking, and maybe in the process you’ll find the job you have been waiting for.