What to Consider when Interviewing for Engineering Work

ByAdam Muir

"Young Man in a Interview" by amtec_photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


I would like to start by saying interviews are a two way street and I hope that companies will treat you professionally and make decisions swiftly with good communication.  


Prepare as much as possible when you land an interview, especially if it is a contract job.  Do you know about the company and what they have been up to? Who is interviewing you and did you visit them on LinkedIn?  How well do you know the job description, responsibilities and qualifications? What will your job function entail?  Do you know what you are going to be paid and what type of insurance is offered? The hiring process happens quickly so you want to be prepared. This will help you to make a quick decision on whether or not you want to accept the position.


Take the stress out of the interview process by working with an E91 recruiter. 


Good recruiters will give you notes for preparing.  All you should have to do is study and practice. Look at yourself in the mirror and pretend you are doing the interview.  Write down questions and answer them. Practice talking about relevant skills the company needs. The better you know the job description the better you will be able to talk about needed skills.  Job postings often break things down into two categories: required skills and desired skills. Make sure you focus on the required ones.  


Get there early and have several copies of your resume available.  Make sure you tell them that you love the area and you want to be there.  By this point you should have done research on the location and how much money you need.  If you tell them you aren’t sure about the location that is a red flag and you are setting yourself up to be disqualified.  When they ask you questions make sure you answer with words other than simply yes or no. Be sure to answer each question fully, but do not ramble.  


Remember, this interview is your first impression!  Show up with an attitude that portrays passion and a willingness to get things done.  Have examples ready of how you’ve used focus, persistence and attitude over a period of time to accomplish goals.  There comes a point in your career where the way you present yourself and your skills will cause companies to sell themselves to you.  


The interview portion is game time.  The more prepared you are the more confidence you have, thus improving your chances to secure the job.  It is the moment that you have been planning for. If you aren’t passionate about the position for which you are applying, then it might be time to reassess your overall goals.


"Coffee Mug" by Kristen Creticos is licensed under CC PDM 1.0 


Caffeine helps with energy. If you are worried caffeine will make you jittery try meditating. Maybe sit and smile at yourself in the mirror for fifteen minutes.  Something to make you happy and have good energy. That way your first impression is a smile, eye contact and that you want to be there; you are where you are supposed to be.  Whether it works or does not, you will start learning the things that will get you where you need to be. Try to be in the moment and don’t get stuck in those repeatable ruts. Have you ever thought about asking a Recruiter or a friend conduct a mock interview with you?


Make sure you get feedback on your interview.  So that way you can learn and adapt.  

You can’t just do the same thing over and over and over again and expect a different result.  If something is not working then change it up. There are a lot of different ways to do the same thing.