With Great Engineering Job Offers Comes Great Responsibility 

By Adam Muir

When dealing with contract jobs it is important to remember that the overall process moves very quickly.  While background checks, drug screenings and an I9 are all required, in most cases you are looking at two weeks from the time you accept the position to the time you start; three weeks if you are relocating.  


Don’t make decisions on a whim and be prepared with an E91 recruiter. 


When you find yourself in a position to take a new job, you need to be prepared and understand the consequences of your decision to either accept the position or decline.  Companies are looking for a quick response; a couple of days at the most. If you haven’t been thinking ahead you may not be able to act when its time, or you may sign up for something that you are not ready for.  


"Wood Bridge" by Jastin Soares is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 


Don’t burn a bridge by dragging your feet on a decision or by interviewing for a job that you have no intentions of taking.  Trust is something that is very difficult to rebuild, especially with someone you just connected with. When you sign offer letters and then decline the position you essentially burn that bridge.  It may seem like there are a ton of fish in the sea, but it turns out it is a pretty small world most of the time. You’re likely to encounter the same individuals at some point in time, so remember to stay professional.


Counter offers are something else you should consider.  If you currently have a job, or if you have multiple offers, you have to watch out for counter offers as well.  When considering a counter offer take a second to put yourself in the place of the people who countered you. What would they be thinking?  “I’m going to pay this person a little more for 6-12 months while we find a qualified replacement.” You already said you were on your way out and it’s probably only a matter of time before they change your work and hours so you quit.  The other possibility is that they let you go. This is why you need to consider your options carefully before making any decisions about counter offers.