You Do What You Have to Do When You Are an Engineer and You Need a Job

ByAdam Muir


"Think Outside the Box" by lphr is licensed under CC BY 2.0 


There are some things you can do to get engineering work if you are willing.  The first option to consider is relocation. Job opportunities can be vast if you’re willing to make the move!  If relocation is not an option, try cold calling companies that have hired people with your skills. Being proactive and showing that you want the job is something that will always work in your favor.  When making the call, be concise. List your relevant skills, talk about why you want the job and don’t be afraid to state your salary requirements. Make a plan- call 20 companies a week for two weeks (that’s only four calls a day!) and I bet you find a job in no time.


Just get yourself an E91 Recruiter. 


Another option is doing an on-site visit to the companies that are hiring.  You could walk in the front door and ask them to hire you! What a great story that could be for you- you walked in and became CEO.  Okay, while that might be a little crazy, my point is that no one else but you can make it happen. It might be embarrassing to flat out ask for work,  but you will eventually run into someone who respects this approach. In reality who cares what people think of you? It would be worth it if you turn in to the person that gets hired and then becomes a manager.  Fast forward a few years and you could be making $80-$120K, taking your family to warm sandy beaches by the ocean during the winters. If you are willing to go after it, it could be you!


"My family" by Gemma Sagarra Casulleras is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0